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Using Glass to Make Your Bathroom Better


When you are thinking about making changes to your bathroom, as well as taking a look at a James Martin vanity sale, you should also consider the benefits of adding more glass. It is a great material to add, especially to this specific room. Here is how it can give your bathroom an upgrade in several ways and places.

Opt for frosted windows

If you do not have windows in the bathroom you might want to consider adding at least one. It is a great way to have some natural light in the room, which can help keep it feeling spacious and welcoming. If the concern is about privacy as you use the room, look at frosted windows. You get the benefits of improved light and ventilation but still maintain privacy. In certain cases, you might even choose a half/half option where the top half of the window is clear because no one can see through it and then the lower half is frosted.

Use glass shower doors

As you buy that perfect James Martin 36 vanity for the bathroom of your dreams, you should also consider having glass shower doors. They help to make the room feel and look larger and they are a very modern and stylish choice. Even bathrooms with shower/tub combos can have glass doors to get in and out. There are more advantages to glass shower doors than just making the space feel bigger. It helps keep the room lighter, there is less chance of water getting out, and there are fewer issues with mildew compared to using shower curtains. You can also enjoy the fact they are a lot easier to clean especially if you opt for a frameless door..

Take advantage of having a large mirror

Another feature you can add to the room to go above your vanity from your James Martin vanity sale is a mirror. A large mirror helps to reflect light around the room keeping it feeling and looking more spacious. They can be very attractive in their own right as well. You can get all kinds of styles, frames and such. You might even choose to have special lighting above it for mood setting and then for when you are getting ready. Ensure when shopping for a bathroom mirror that the frame is moisture or water-resistant so it does not rot.

Choose the right vanity

Finally, you might decide to get a glass-topped vanity or sink. They look great, are another way to keep things feeling like there is more space than there is, and they suit a lot of different styles and themes. Just remember to keep them clean since smudged and dirty glass is a lot less attractive!


Whether you choose a glass-topped vanity or James Martin 36 vanity, there is no doubt that glass in the bathroom can really enhance it aesthetically and practically. It is certainly something to keep in mind, especially in modern-themed bathrooms and ones that are on the smaller side.

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