6 Ways to Avoid Plumbing Headaches While on a Vacation

6 Ways to Avoid Plumbing Headaches While on a Vacation


So, you’re going away for a much-needed vacation! Before you leave, things always get a bit scrambled. You will need to pack everything you need. You are trying to cross off all household to-dos. You are also busy booking accommodations and travel necessities. Before you leave, it is important to check that everything is in order and safe.

This includes your home plumbing system. There are lots of plumbing problems that can potentially happen while you’re enjoying a foreign coastline. That is if you don’t find ways to avoid plumbing headaches while on a vacation.

According to the best plumber Sydney expert, it is important to prepare your home safe and secure before embarking on your journey. Here’s a checklist!

Switch off your main water valve

The first thing to do is to eliminate the source of the problem. The best way to avoid plumbing headaches while on a vacation is to switch off your main water valve. Stopping the flow of water on your plumbing system means stopping any potential issue to arise. Ensure that you drain the faucets and pipes from any remaining water. Leave the faucets ON after draining and before turning OFF the main water valve. It will allow warm air to circulate inside the pipes and sewer gases to escape from the inside. This is one trick to prevent the pipes from freezing. When you come back from your vacation, don’t forget to turn the faucets off before switching the main water valve on. There is no downside if you switch off your main water valve before going on a vacation. Besides preventing plumbing headaches, it helps you conserve water, save cost and even avoid water theft.

Adjust your water heater setting to “VAC” mode

It may seem logical to shut off the water heater after switching off your main water valve. But, it may not be as beneficial as most people think. It can be hard to turn your water heater on and off. Once you get back, you may need time to get hot water running inside your home. If you have a pool or spa, turning the water heater off can lead to the quick growth of algae. The best thing to do is to adjust the setting of your water heater to vacation or “VAC” mode. This keeps the temperature at 50 degrees. So, it still saves you cost and energy without the risk of other issues.

Check your drains and disposal systems

Before going on vacation, it is also important to do a quick check on your drains and disposal system. If you’ve identified a clogged drain, call the best plumber in Sydney to fix the problem. Check for any leftover food stuck in your garbage disposal. Dispose of them properly to avoid the formation of bad bacteria inside your home.

Check Your Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are your plumbing system for rainwater. It is important to make sure that they are efficiently working before leaving your home for a vacation. You may not want to come back to see rainwater flooding your basement crawl spaces. The easiest way to check your sump pumps is to run a bucket of water in the pit and see if they kick on efficiently. As an extra level of safety, install a battery backup for the sump pump to work even once electricity is cut off during a storm.

Check Your Water-Connected Appliances

The best plumber in Sydney recommends turning all water-connected appliances before going on a vacation. It greatly reduced the chance of water flooding your home. Among the most common water-connected appliances you should turn off are:

  • Dishwasher
  • Hot tub
  • Ice maker
  • Pool pump
  • Swamp Coolers
  • Washing machine

Have someone check on your house while you’re away

Ask a trusted family member, friend, or neighbour to check your house randomly while you are away. If possible, give him or her a list of emergency contact numbers including the best plumber in Sydney. This will give you peace of mind that everything is under control.

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