How to choose the right parquet for your home

How to choose the right parquet for your home

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Do you ever feel a certain way when you enter your home? A feeling of coziness and warmth that you get when walking around from one room to another. You might not feel it all the time but when you do we’re here to tell you that what helps in creating that atmosphere is your flooring. Yes, your flooring has a huge impact on how your home feels.

In what way you ask? If you have a ceramic type of flooring your home will mostly feel cold especially during night time because ceramic floorings have a way of trapping in the cold making it somewhat uncomfortable and loose that warm homey feeling. It’s a general feeling that we noticed most people complain about and you might not have even noticed up until we just mentioned it.

It’s just the materials used in some flooring that make them trap in that kind of cold, it might be an advantage in some people’s homes but we’re here to talk about the kind of flooring that gives you that nice and toasty homey feeling. We’re here to also guide you to choosing the right models, types and colors for you.

Before we get into it, let’s start by mentioning the type of flooring we want to be chatting about in this blog. Parquet flooring is our main focus today, we’ll mention briefly the two types we think are worth talking about.

First type is the HDF parquet that’s composedof wood, all natural no chemical materials what so ever. The second type is SPC parquet short for Stone Plastic Composite, what makes this type different and desirable is that it’s 100% waterproof. Let’s not get into too much details about the materials used, if you wish to know you could find all the necessary information on parquet flooring on HomeWagon, you could also find an amazing models and color selection of the two types.

Wooden parquet as flooring is always a good idea and we prefer it over any other type because it doesn’t just offer that comfortable homey atmosphere we mentioned earlier, it also gives a beautiful decor addition to your home. It could also give an illusion of a more spacious area, you ask how? Colors have a way in creating smaller and bigger spaces, if you have a small area such as a bedroom and you choose a dark parquet color for it, that will most definitely make your space way smaller. We’ll get to spaces around your home and what color and type works best for it.

We mentioned the different types being HDF wooden parquet and SPC parquet. Let’s start comparing both types and where they can be installed in your home.

Areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are areas in your home that are cleaned on a daily basis and are exposed to water more than any other area, meaning it needs a special kind of flooring so it wouldn’t get ruined easily. SPC is the flooring you should definitely go with because of the features it holds like being 100% waterproof, it’s anti-bacterial and germs 99%, it has a high heat resistance as well as scratch and stain resistant. All perfect points to consider for those areas around your home.

As for all the other areas such as your living-room, dinning room and all bedrooms, it’s fine to go with the natural HDF parquet. It also has some good features as to being scratch and stain resistant as well as water resistant. It’s perfect for such rooms because it gives that warm cozy atmosphere which is perfect considering those rooms are meant to be comfortable.

Now let’s get to the range of colors that you should think about for your living spaces.

You got your familiar classic colors that range in different shades and tones like browns, beige and greys. The shades range from the darkest shade to the lightest so it’s about picking the right shade because the color is more of a personal choice and depends on your decor and furniture in your living space. Once you’ve thought about the color you want, start looking around your area and think is it narrow or wide? Is it crowded with furniture? It’s all about how you see it from your point of view, we’re just here to help you consider these points and get a general feel. If it’s a small area, always go for the lighter shades it will definitely give you a more spacious feel. For bigger spaces you could go with both dark and light shades there’s no wrong choice here unless you got dark furniture, it’s advised to go with lighter shades to not make the space look cramped.

In the end it’s all about your point of view and how you view the spaces around your home. Playing with colors and shades is always a fun idea and if you could get samples of different parquet colors and models the better.

HomeWagon offers a beautiful range of both HDF and SPC parquet flooring. They also offer samples if you’d like to see and compare them in the comfort of your own home with a click of a button.

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