How to Get Your Appliances Working in Your New Apartment

How to Get Your Appliances Working in Your New Apartment

Movers & Packaging

Moving appliances is one of the most complicated tasks during moving. Therefore, ensuring you have enough time to handle them without rushing is vital. You can DIY or hire professionals to help you with moving the appliances. When you get to your new apartment, you must ensure everything is up and running as you settle. Some apartments have appliances like cookers and refrigerators, while others don’t. Therefore, confirm what you have and what you need to bring to the new place. Next, ensure every appliance is working. Here is what you should do.

Set Up Utilities

Appliances require electricity to operate. Therefore, before you move in, ensure utilities are in place. That means electricity should be turned on to keep the devices running. Handle other utilities like water, gas, and internet to ensure you settle well in the new apartment. Before you call a utility company for the services, ask the landlord or property manager about their preferred service provider. Some providers have better deals, so they partner with apartment communities. Make sure everything is set before the move-in date.

Ask the Movers to Help

If you have relocated with the help of movers, you can ask them to help place appliances in their respective places and assemble them. This is possible, especially if you have hired full-service movers. Moving companies like AAA Moving are reliable. They will ensure you have settled well before leaving. They will unload appliances and carry them into the house. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need extra help to ensure the machines are working. It is always advisable to seek professional help when moving devices to ensure they are not damaged and arrive at the destination in good shape.

Assemble Detached Parts

During packing, you are advised to disassemble appliance parts to make them easy to make and move. You must keep the disassembled parts together to avoid mixing them up. So, when you get to the new place, assemble the pieces and plug in the appliance. If it is not working, it could mean something is wrong with the attachment, or something could be missing. Refer to the pictures you took before disassembling the appliance to confirm you have attached the right way.

Request for Replacement

If you find appliances in the apartment when you move in, confirm if they are working. If not, check the leasing terms to see if they talk about anything to do with appliance replacement. If the appliance is not working when you go there, the landlord will be responsible for replacing it. Your appliance will be replaced if it has stopped working and the defect is noticeable. So, request a replacement in writing, and the landlord will call for repair services. If it is unrepairable, the only option may be to replace it.

Closing Thoughts

Assembling appliances after moving can be challenging, especially if you did not take photos before disassembling. Nonetheless, you have to get them running. So, ask for helps from professionals and confirm utilities are set up. If you find a faulty appliance in the apartment, consider writing a request to have it replaced.

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