IoT Led Bulbs: A Glimpse Into The Future

IoT Led Bulbs: A Glimpse Into The Future


‘Less is more’ is the new mantra when it comes to lighting, and technology has played a huge role in transforming the incandescent light to a smart LED bulb. The emphasis is on economy, convenience, and safety. If you want to be part of the future, read on. 

The latest entrant in the lighting bandwagon is the IoT LED bulb that’s causing a disruption in the lighting industry. These lights are in sync with the smart buildings that are IoT enabled. 

Smart Lighting for Smart Buildings

To optimise energy usage in buildings, facility managers and business owners are adopting a lighting control system. Some of the possibilities of IoT lighting include occupancy-based lighting where lights go on minutes before you start a conference or customer preferences gauged based on the time spent in a retail store aisle. 

You can manage a light or a group of lights using a mobile app. The IoT LED lights have wireless switches and are connected to a cloud-controlled network. With the feedback that you get from these lights, you can manage your building more efficiently. 

Here are some interesting applications of IoT lighting: 

Indoor Positioning Using Lighting: 

Whether it’s students trying to find their classroom or shoppers searching for the right aisle, the smart LED bulb can accomplish this and more. 

Tracking Assets:

If there is a problem with any asset, IoT LED lights can detect and send signals for troubleshooting. 

Monitoring Perishable Goods:

Perishable goods need a certain temperature and humidity. With the IoT lighting, any adverse changes can be detected for preventing spoilage. 

The utilisation of Space:

Building usage can be optimised through IoT lighting that gathers data that you can analyse to prevent over or underutilisation. 

Change to LED

You need to switch to LED even if you don’t adopt IoT lighting right away. Here are some areas where LED lights have made a difference: 


Energy-efficient LED lights generate focused lighting and less heat, making them ideal for large and high spaces like warehouses.

Indoor farm settings: 

High-tech farms worldwide have switched to the smart LED bulb that not only provides the right lighting environment for optimal growth of plants but their taste as well. 

Commercial Parking:

Apart from the energy savings, LED lights provide better security in parking lots. 


LED lights mimic the circadian rhythm, ensuring a positive mood and better sleep for patients. 

Educational Institutions:

Savings due to LED lights can be effectively used in upgrading more important facilities.

Retail Facilities

The smart LED bulb provides a welcoming shopping experience for the retail shopper that could lead to higher sales. 

LED Lights For Your Home

Leading players in the lighting segment in India like Crompton offers a variety of smart lighting options with some amazing features like no UV/IR radiation, zero mercury, antibacterial, backup light for power failure, glare-free light distribution, long life, and energy savings.

Festivals no longer mean high electricity bills with LED striplights. These decorative lights not only help your home dazzle brightly, but they are environment friendly as well, with no UV/IR radiation and zero mercury. 

You have antibacterial LED lights that kill 85% germs keeping your family safe from diseases. 

Power outages can’t bother you any more with the backup light. The auto switch on mechanism ensures you don’t have a single moment of darkness. These LED lights have a designer lens that provides glare-free light distribution. 

With a 15-year life span, these lights are a smart long-term investment. You save 85% energy compared to incandescent lights; you save on electricity bills for the long term. 

Additional features include COB technology, adjustable viewing angle, space-saving design, no extra wiring, and easy fit. 

The LED bulb uses chip on board or COB technology that requires no wiring. You can turn the light to any direction with the adjustable viewing angle for focused lighting. These lights have a space-saving design, and installation is easy.

Switch to LED

The world is switching to LED lights, and it’s time you did too! With IoT technology, you not only save on electricity, but you can also get feedback on how to manage your lighting more efficiently.

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