Nelson Partners – An Insight into Student Housing Real Estate Investments

Nelson Partners – An Insight into Student Housing Real Estate Investments

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Student housing real estate investments are lucrative to property owners primarily for two reasons- the first being they can get an accrued stable income from their properties, and second, the value of their units appreciate with time. This is why many private property owners are getting into student housing real estate investments with experts specializing in the field. 

Nelson Partners – Partnerships and collaborations for student housing partnerships 

Nelson Partners is a highly credible name in the student housing real estate development market. This company was established in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, who is a skilled and qualified professional in the industry with 14 years of valuable experience. The team of professionals in this company enters into solid collaborations and partnerships with private property owners to acquire, develop and manage student housing in the USA. Their property management specialists help owners to attain their specific goals and generate a stable income in the long run. 

Property appreciation in the long run 

These properties are located close to college and university campuses. Investing in such housing real estate is beneficial for the owners as it is resilient to economic downturns and recession compared to the other forms of real estate. Student housing is a good asset class for owners as it renders you with a stable opportunity for income. The properties appreciate over time because they are close to the educational institutions and other primary hotspots in the city or region where the property is based. One does not even have to offer car space to students as most of them cannot even afford a car. They look for properties within walking distance of their campus. 

The company has its headquarters in San Clemente, California, and also deals with the finance, management, and other real estate investments associated with student housing in the nation. If you examine the number of students living off-campus, they are increasing every day. There is a shortage of student housing in the nation, and this gap needs to be filled up. 

Why are students responsible and easy tenants? 

Students are great tenants as they generally stay indoors, focusing on their academic goals. Contrary to popular belief that they default on rent payments, this is not true. Parent guarantors back them, and in case they do delay paying the rent in time, their parents will cover up for them. This benefit is absent in the conventional landlord-tenant rental accommodation. Moreover, when a family leaves in such a rental, the landlord needs to promote and list the property via advertisement to get back occupancy and income. 

Advertisement costs are nil 

However, in the case of student housing, there are no advertisement costs to attract students. Many students live on the premise, so if a set of students leaves, there is no loss of income as the others remain. 

Moreover, vacancies are filled in fast as a new batch of students arrives at the college and university every year for undergraduate and postgraduate courses that last for at least two to five years on average. This means there is no loss of income, and your property will never be fully empty without tenants if you work with Nelson Partners.

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