Picasso Head Sculptures: Among the Shapes of Tradition and Cubism


Murano Glass is used since ancient times for everyday life use. When Glassware sets and Mirrors became a standard among Venice’s aristocracy, Glass Masters in the Isle of Murano started experimenting with their creativity and techniques to create authentic works of art. 

Among those, sculptures that were also commissioned by the nobility abroad turned into extraordinary products that could have been displayed in the most famous art galleries. As of today, Picasso Head Sculptures in True Murano Glass are the results of Murano’s Artisans’ hard work and ability to combine traditional heritage inspired by the likes of the Cubism Movement of the 20th century’s first years.

Colors and shapes are realized through Picasso’s Style filter, resulting in innovative glass-blown items ideal for your home décor or even as a gift idea. With a little extravaganza plus a lot of tradition, these precious sculptures are able to give a touch of elegance and originality to any space. Precisely, the Badioli family is responsible for the elegance of our magnificent collection. Glass Art of Murano has garnered countless accolades from two generations of this family, both in Murano and across the world. This is a career that is entirely committed to appreciating the beauty of Italian culture while respecting a precious heritage and amazing techniques. Every day, our Glass Masters convene in our Fornace, one of the oldest on the Isle, to give birth to such amazing designs and products. Tradition then embraces Innovation in an ideal Marriage through Murano Glass’ historic legacy and the cubism movement’s main features.

As you can imagine, our collection of Picasso Head Sculptures at YourMurano comes with an extensive variety of shapes, colors, and sizes in items sporting exclusive details. Their cubism-inspired lines, in particular, let the sculpture shine so much you can’t stop gazing at it. These kinds of fragmented shapes are often seen in Picasso’s artwork where he tried to convey primarily the emotion and feeling he wanted to express. You can find again the same artistic process in the works of our Glass Masters and designers who mix their huge knowledge about Murano’s glass-making history with the characteristics of the cubism movement.

If you love Modern Art and Made in Italy you should certainly take a look at our unique Picasso Head Sculptures, one-of-a-kind works of art to place over your console or your cabinet for example. Try putting one in the entrance hall and wow your dear ones when welcoming them. We are sure they will be stunned by such beauty, and they are going to ask you a lot of questions! 

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