Purchasing used appliances in Melbourne

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Purchasing a used appliance can be like purchasing a used rental car, unless you are a very skilled mechanic its probably not the best of ideas. The same concept should be keep in mind when considering the purchase of a used appliance. There are hundreds of company’s in the Melbourne area that sell used appliances and most of these company’s are honest respectful business’s. But as with any type of business including appliances sales service and repairs theres always a few bad apples to keep an eye out for.

When considering the purchase of a used appliance its a good idea to ask about the type of warranty, length of warranty and warranty conditions. Most used appliance sales company’s will not have a technician dispatched to the customers home or place of business in the event that the purchased used appliance shall fail a few months down the road. While this does not constitute a dishonest used appliance sales company by any means, it can be a red flag and a really big hassle for the customer to have and bring the appliance back to the place of purchase to have repaired. A “top-notched” used appliance sales company would have an appliance repair technician dispatched to the customers home and repair the appliance instead of bringing the appliance back to the place of purchase.

There are several other factors when contemplating the purchase of a used appliance, How was the appliance transported? Appliances such as refrigerators must be transported in the upright position. If a refrigerator is laid on its side, if even for a few seconds, can leak the oils inside the compressor into the condenser lines. Afterwards the appliance may work fine for a few months but there is a chance the compressor will overheat and burn out destroying the appliance. Gas dryer appliances should also be transported with care. These appliances have an igniter thats more fragile than glass. If the appliance is banged around to hard the igniter can acquire cracks that will decrease the integrity of the igniter. Gas stove and oven appliances have the same igniter’s and should be moved with care.

Buying a used appliance that hasn’t been transported properly can cause all kinds of problems at the customers expense. Wear and tear of used appliances Appliances with moving parts tend to wear out faster than an appliance without moving parts. Washing machines are the only type of appliance that contains a transmission a lot like a cars transmission. If the washer was overloaded a lot by the previous owner of the appliance with too many large towels at once or huge heavy blankets while washing there will more than likely be damage to the transmission. If the transmission fails on a washing machine the appliance is not worth repair.

Ovens are especially dangerous to buy secondhand and should be checked for faults and damages internally buy a trusted licensed local oven repair services in Melbourne. Technika , Smeg, Blanco are magnificent ovens at the top of the range but still need there elements , thermostats and selector switches tested so that there is no chance of electrocution. 

Refrigerators or any other type of appliance that contains a compressor may have been damaged in a thunderstorm, flicker of electricity, moving or may have a slow leak in the sealed system. When the system is recharged it will cool just fine for several months but if the original leak within the sealed system is not fixed properly freon will eventually leak out and lose its cooling capabilities and possibly burn the compressor out. They don’t make appliances like they use to Remember those old rounded 30 year old refrigerators made by Norge with that awful green color and those old Frigidaire refrigerators manufactured by General Motors (GM)? On occasion, we still service and repair these bullet proof appliances that have lasted for decades. Nowadays we have all major appliances with very advanced gadgets, washing machines with digital read outs and touch screens, refrigerators with plasma TV’s in the doors and an optical laser eye that senses ice capacity.

One thing to consider when purchasing an appliance whether it’s a used appliance or a brand new appliance, the more gadgets the appliance has the more you will pay for the appliance and the more you will pay to have it repaired. The more gadgets the appliance has – The more gadgets that can break – Try and keep it simple!

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