Top 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Stacking Sliding Glass Doors

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Stacking Sliding Glass Doors

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Stacking sliding glass doors need to be handled with the utmost care, whether you choose a patio door for your new home or renovating your current home. Like all other doors, your patio doors serve dual purposes: aesthetics and security. Therefore, all variables have to be taken into account before you choose your final option.

Sliding Glass Door is one type of door that suits all three considerations. However, before you begin investing capital in the construction of a sliding glass door, you should take into account five factors


Aluminium sliding doors and windows are great for saving swing space and adding to your style a modern flair. But offering a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces is the most common usage of sliding glass doors. Blended indoor and outdoor spaces effectively expand your living space into the exterior to create the illusion of a single unencumbered room. Several options are available for that purpose, for instance, stacking doors, where each panel slides on top of each other and stacks on one side of the frame.


You ought to consider the sort of frames that require minimal or no maintenance when it comes to functionality: such as steel, aluminium, or fibreglass. Ensure the structures are thermally broken if you select stacking sliding glass doors: i.e., there should be a thermal insulator separating the exterior and the interior frames. Alternatively, you can opt for frameless sliding doors that do away with vertical frames altogether. You can also use tempered, double-laminated glass instead, which offers ideal temperature and sound insulation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is no longer a requirement limited to your appliances: your doors and windows are now graded according to your state or country’s energy-efficiency requirements. In addition to efficiently lighting up your room, Stacking sliding glass doors also keeps out the dangerous sunlight frequencies. In addition, the glass needs to hold and reflect the heat of the house into space during cold weather.


For as long as possible, your aluminium sliding doors, and windows will need to preserve their efficiency and appearance; thus, choose options that require minimal or no maintenance. Frames made of vinyl or fibreglass, for example, require little to no maintenance to preserve their longevity.


Protection from intentional break-ins and unintended harm is a primary concern in selecting a sliding glass door. Therefore, you need to remember the internal locking mechanism, which prevents your doors from being opened from the outside. The glass selects high impact resistance options such as tempered glass, double-laminated glass, or polycarbonate glasses, both of which are stronger than normal glass and give varying degrees of impact protection.

Since your sliding glass door will be a focal point of your house’s overall design, you should make sure it fits well with your house’s overall architecture. If you want your interior room to stretch naturally into your outdoor space and open your home to a beautiful view all day long, stacking sliding glass doors are the perfect option for you.

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