12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Fibreglass Pool!

12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Fibreglass Pool!

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Are you planning to get a swimming pool for your home? If so, you have made the right decision. If you were confused about the pool material to use, then you don’t need to think further than fibreglass. A fibreglass pool is the most popular type of pool. There are multiple reasons why you should consider buying a fibreglass pool. We present 12 such reasons to convince you.

1. It is cost-effective

A fibreglass pool is a cost-effective solution if you want a swimming pool in your home. It is cheaper to install than a concrete pool. Fibreglass pools are ready-built and can be straight away installed. There is no requirement for using materials like concrete. There is also no requirement of labour to lay concrete. This makes it is less expensive. Since these pools are factory-built, it helps reduces the price.

2. Installation is fast

Installing a fibreglass pool is quick. If you plan to get a concrete pool, then there is a long process. Excavation is needed after which concrete has to be laid. The concrete has to be set, which takes time. After this, the pool construction needs to be completed. On the other hand, a fibreglass pool can be constructed very quickly. Once the space for the pool is created by digging, the pool can be brought and placed over it. If it is an overground pool, it can be done even faster. The moment the fibreglass pool is installed, you can start using it. 

3. Simple and easy to maintain

One of the issues with swimming pools is maintenance. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a pool and money is also involved. This is the case with concrete pools. When you get a fibreglass pool, you are ensuring the effort you put in for maintenance is minimal. Cleaning a fibreglass pool is easy and quick. You can easily spot problem areas requiring cleaning. Another major benefit is that bacterial and algae are unlikely to grow on glass surfaces making it easier to clean. The time, effort, and costs involved are lesser in fibreglass pools. 

4. It is durable

Some people believe that fibreglass pools may break or crack. This is not true! Fibreglass pools are strong and made of a resistant material. It does not break or crack. The pool is thus durable and would last for long. Unlike concrete pools, there is no wear and tear. 

5. The smooth surface is safe

The smooth surface of a fibreglass pool makes it safe. If someone falls in the pool, the smooth surface ensures there is no harm caused. In a concrete pool, a fall can hurt a person very badly due to the rough surface. Also, the surface is non-porous, and as a result bacteria and algae don’t grow. This ensures the pool is safe to use. 

6. It helps in reducing heating expenses

When you have a concrete pool, you need to heat it to a higher temperature if you wish to use it in the evening. If you have a fibreglass pool, you get an in-built advantage. The fibreglass pool is able to retain heat in the water, thanks to the type of material used. It is believed that fibreglass can retain up to 8 degrees Celsius more heat than other types of pools. This makes it an eco-friendly option as you can save power used for heating.

7. You get a warranty with the pool

The fibreglass pool is made in a factory. Therefore, it comes with a warranty. The maker will provide you a warranty for the pool and the material used. Usually, the makers offer a warranty for 5 years or more. In case of any problem with the glass, they will repair it under the warranty.

8. It is trendy in appearance

A fibreglass pool is attractive. The glass creates a transparent effect making your pool look beautiful. Fibreglass pools are trendy and make your backyard look all the more beautiful. Your home will be the cynosure of the neighbourhood with guests visiting you to take a look at your beautiful pool.

9. A fibreglass pool enhances your home value

The value of your home will be enhanced when you add a small, medium or large fibreglass pool to it. The pool is an asset since it is used for swimming and even for hosting pool parties. This will lead to an increase in the value of your home. If you plan to sell your home at any time, you can expect a higher price for it. 

10. There are multiple options on offer

A fibreglass pool comes with multiple options. You can get a pool of different shapes and designs. You can add features to the pools like a spa jet to create a spa experience. You can add a water slide to the pool for kids to have fun. Swim jets help you to work out better in your pool. All these options are easy to add to your fibreglass pool.

11. You can make your pool a saltwater one

Saltwater pools are very popular. This is because these pools have lesser chlorine. This makes it more comfortable for swimmers to use, especially those with sensitive skin. It also helps to save money on chlorine expenses. If you want a saltwater pool, you need the pool material to be built for fibreglass as the saltwater cannot harm the glass. 

12. It helps in easy flexing

Flexing of the pool shell is a natural phenomenon. This can happen due to earth movement. Pools of other materials can face damage due to this. But, a fibreglass pool is strong and will not be damaged by any such movement.

Earth movement can result in the pool shell flexing. This is a natural phenomenon. Since your fibreglass pool is made of strong material, it can withstand this. The material has high tensile strength and hence there is no chance of it cracking.

The 12 reasons we listed out above should have convinced you on why a fibreglass pool is best for your home. Get in touch with a pool contractor today so you can get the best fibreglass pool for your home today. 

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