Hassle-Free Tenant’s Moving Guide

Hassle-Free Tenant’s Moving Guide

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Apart from the expenses and the time you should invest, the removal usually takes pretty nerve and energy.

It can become even more overwhelming if you leave a rented property. Many extra chores will be on your mind, including the end of tenancy cleaning and the damages you’ve caused for the last couple of years.

But instead of getting stressed before you even start the process, you better find out how to make it more hassle-free and pleasant. With our step-by-step guide, you can actually have some effective and tranquil removal.

Read on to find out how!

Create your very own step-by-step end of tenancy guide

As we’ve already said, the disinfection responsibility makes the tenant’s removal harder than usual. This is why you must spend more time and energy arranging the end of the tenancy cleaning process optimally, which means making a checklist to work from.

How about taking benefit of our ready-to-be-used sanitising step-by-step guide below:

  • Always start with decent de-cluttering. In the chaos, everything seems less possible. 
  • Continue collecting your belongings. The fewer items, the less you will clean;
  • Stick to the right cleaning direction – from top to bottom and nothing else. It will save you lots of time and effort;
  • Also, start with the dirtiest and toughest to-be-cleaned premises. We believe it’s the kitchen or the bathroom;
  • Don’t forget to clean behind and under the pieces of furniture and giant electric appliances, too;
  • Sign the outer spaces for the end of the procedure. Yes, it is your duty to clean the patio and remove the twigs and all garbage from the garden area.

Thoroughly check your tenancy agreement

If this is your first time moving from a rented house, you should first know what exactly entails the end of tenancy cleaning.

The most detailed and precise definition is in your individual lease agreement. Find the clause for your duties when moving out. It’s the end of tenancy cleaning that’s mostly on focus in this contract part.

Read the clause several times because there might be some critical mandatory guides left by your landlord – like individual preferences, specific requirements, limits, concessions, and you name it.

Pack by areas and label them for your move out

While you get your things packed for the travel to your new home place, it’s a must not to take anything that isn’t yours. Conversely, forgetting some of your personal items wouldn’t be awesome, right?

To avoid these omissions, what you can do is have an inventory. Here’s one more amazing hack that simplifies unpacking, which would be even more stressful as the tiredness will be doubled.

Simply use a labelling system for your storage arrangement. Name absolutely any box, storage unit, or knapsack, and you name it. And have a cardboard box with your essentials at hand (documents, medicine pieces of stuff, hygienic items, and you name it).

Take care of any necessary repairs

Let’s go back to the end of tenancy cleaning duty.

Here’s one more reason not to skip it: you will be checked. The landlord or the letting agent arranges the property inspection. During this visit, you will be overhauled.

If you return the property in its presentable condition, you will get your tenancy deposit back. If you don’t, the landlord can keep your money to cover the damages.

Speaking of which, by damages, we don’t mean only stains on the rug or a mess in the fridge. There might be other failures that should be fixed. Don’t hesitate to take care of all the necessary repairs in time. If you need to, call the local handyman.

Decide if you are going to clean yourself or use professional cleaners

Before the removal starts, the most significant decision you are to make is whether to use a move out cleaning company.

According to the trends, people who move out for the first time usually prefer to do everything alone. And this is when they start making horrible mistakes, which makes the removal challenging.

When you face all of these responsibilities and chores for the first time, it’s more probable for you to fail somewhere in your checklist.

Having an expert or a whole team of them by your side will help you avoid any omissions, too much stress, and sometimes even a lot of expenses.

Clean area-by-area – pay attention to detail

If handling the end of tenancy cleaning alone is so essential for you, at least stick to the tip to be attentive to the details and precise.

Ensure not to forget important small items and zones such as the lighting switches, the upper cabinets of the wardrobe, and the small electric appliances like the toaster or the blender. Even a single spot in these areas will cost your tenancy deposit.

How to choose a professional cleaning company

For those who’ve gotten a bit scared of what’s coming, we remind you there’s always an easier optimal way – the professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

If you have already made up your mind and want to opt for this alternative, note that not any company will suit your needs. Since you will pay for a professional service, ensure it’s worth it.

Consider the following factors when selecting a cleaning company:

  • Is it experienced enough to handle your challenging case?
  • Does the company offer the traditional 48-hour end of tenancy cleaning guarantee? 
  • Are the cleaners reliable (vetted, well-trained, educated, etc.)? 
  • Does this offer provide the best balance between quality and price? 
  • Were the consultants kind enough to explain everything in detail, because if they were not, you have more questions to ask? 
  • Can the company suit your personal schedule?

Final checks of the property before finally moving out

At least 20% of the tenants allow mistakes to slip in at the finishing line.

If you don’t want to see all your efforts and money go in vain, on mandatory, make a final check before the property inspection or the moving-out day. One quick tour of the house will let you avoid missing a spot or damage that can be handled at the last minute. Besides, you can find a forgotten item during the final property check.

Final words

When you know what to expect from the removal and how challenging the DIY end of tenancy cleaning can be, you can arrange and handle these responsibilities more intelligently.

Just remember – no matter what you plan to do, if you need help, get some.

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