How do professionals carry on the tile removal process in Australia?

How Do Professionals Carry On The Tile Removal Process In Australia?

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There are several reasons why you require to change or remove your tile floor. Probably the tiles become too slippery and become a potential threat to anyone getting out of the shower, or you have cracked the tiles while moving furniture. Or you want a different appeal and aesthetic sense for your home. Whatever be the reason, you need to know how professionals remove the tiled floor and execute the tile removal process in the proper manifestation.

So, what is the perfect way to remove the tile floor? Professionals stick to these five easy steps. You will get the tile removals process done by the professionals most easily and possibly.

  •  Professionals prepare the area before they start digging and pulling up the tiles.
  • They identify the best starting point: the corner of the room and commence working from there.
  • Professionals start tile removal but at the same time do not use too much force to minimise breakages.
  • Professionals inspect the underlayment and subfloor.
  • Professional tile removalists clean up the mess.

Appropriate Tools deployed by the professionals

Do you know what tools are required for tile removal? Professionals harness a blend of hand and power tools for tile removal. Here is an entailed list of the equipped tools for a tile removal task.

  •  A Hammer
  • A Screwdriver
  • A Scraper
  • A long-handled floor scraper
  •  Buckets
  • Shovel
  • Pry bar
  • Plastic wrap and tarps
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Painters tape

After the right tools’ available, professionals equip themselves with protective clothing to avoid injuries during tile removal. A broken tile is sharp and can easily pierce through the skin. Hence, a professional tile removalist does not function without protective gear. They usually wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers, safety goggles and gloves during the entire tile removal process. They also wear a safety mask to prevent breathing in the concrete dust.

Significant Essentials necessary for the tile removal process

Professionals inspect the tiles and search for tile pieces that are cracked, detached or chipped at the edges. Such tiles are easy to remove.

  • When there are no cracked, chipped, or loose tiles, professionals target a commencing point. The best place is the corner of the room, a doorway, or the tile floor ends. Once the right starting point is identified, the removalist starts removing the tiles.
  • A professional tile removalist loosens the tile at the edges or hits it in the middle until it breaks entirely. If you don’t want the tile removal process to become dirty, ensure that the removalist places a chisel on the tile’s edge and drives it underneath the tile deploying a hammer at a slight angle to instantly procure the tile quickly lifted from the ground. Let the removalist hit the chisel, and the slab would get slowly separated from the floor. Do not remain too concerned even if the tile breaks into small pieces.
  • Once the first tile is removed, it will become easier to get the consecutive tiles o to be removed from the professionals. The professional tile removalist releases the following tile and places the chisel in with a hammer and then lifts it.
  • If the removalist encounters stubborn tiles, they hit the tile with a chisel until it breaks. They drive the chisel in with the hammer and remove the tile from a different angle. Additionally, they also employ a pry bar to remove stubborn tiles.
  • The removalist picks up the broken tile pieces and places them in a bucket.

Consult the professionals

Removing the old tile floor is a hurricane task in itself. It is tedious work that would require and exhaust a lot of your time. So, it would help if you remained patient and consistent. Hiring a skilled professional tile removal specialist would solve all your tile removal hassles and worries. A trained tiler safeguards your items, removes the tiles, levels the floors and hauls off the debris leaving behind a clean residential or commercial premise.

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