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Globalisation has made consumers more aware and demanding. Something distinctive is what customers always want. And so the tile stores of Sydney leave no chance to satisfy their customers with impressive products. Online stores give greater scope to choose your desired option. Now, if you are looking to furnish, renovate or decorate your bathroom, then terrazzo look tiles Sydney is a smart option.

What is Terrazzo?

The word ‘terrazzo’ is often used to describe any design or pattern that looks like the original terrazzo floors. Terrazzo look tiles Sydney, are more of  stone aggregates that are available either in the form of raw cut stone tiles or preformed construction tiles. Derived from the artform of mosaics, terrazzo look tiles Sydney has gained popularity for its decorative value.

Types of Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles

There are 3 main types of terrazzo tiles bathroom:

  • Cement based terrazo tiles bathroom – These terrazzo tiles bathrooms are used for covering floors and walls of a bathroom. They are made of composite materials like chips of quartz, marble or glass, held together with a cementitious binder. They are sturdy and do not wear easily.
  • Epoxy-based terrazzo tiles– Most terrazzo look tiles Sydney are epoxy-based tiles. They are best for interior uses. Epoxy resin based terrazzo tiles are best for bathrooms as they are impenetrable by water.
  • Polymer-based terrazo tiles- This type of terrazzo look tiles Sydney is mainly used for protection of floors and walls of bathrooms or other wet areas. Spillages and oiling can be easily cleaned and it is resistant to chemicals, impact and wear. At the same time polymer-based terrazzo tiles can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom area.

Advantages of Using Terrazzo Tiles

There are several advantages of using terrazo tiles bathroom:

  • It can easily absorb water, stains or any kind of spillages.
  • Provides you with a wider section of colour, texture, pattern or design.
  • Has strength and is less susceptible to cracking. The tiles are of premium quality and shall last for a long time.
  • It is of lighter weight with impenetrable coating, making the installation process faster and easier.
  • Adds vibrance and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Polishing, sealing and usage of dividers help to create decorative patterns with contrasting shades.
  • As the surface of terrazzo tiles are polished and smooth, it can be cleaned easily. Just use a damp sponge or a piece of cloth and wipe it without any hassle.
  • Terrazzo tiles are multi-purpose in nature. They can be used to cover industrial floors, kitchen floors and backsplash, laboratories, balconies, swimming pool decks and other objects like countertops, table tops, workshops, wet rooms etc.

Benefits of Shopping Terrazzo Tiles Online

Online stores offer a wider and diverse range ofTerrazo tiles bathhroom. Imported tiles from Italy and Spain are also available online at exciting wholesale rates. The delivery is done quickly, once approved and before making your purchase, you can even ask for a free sample.

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