Nan Chul Shin – Hawaii’s Leading General Contractor

Nan Chul Shin – Hawaii’s Leading General Contractor

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If you are checking the list of top construction firms in Hawaii, you are definitely going to come across the name of Nan Inc. The company is quite well-known because it is relatively young to be so successful and has received numerous awards and accolades for completing some of the biggest projects in the state. As a matter of fact, they have also expanded their services to other areas and have dealt with more than 3,000 multibillion dollar projects in the public as well as private sector. But, who established Nan Inc.? Nan Chul Shin is the man behind this popular and renowned construction firm.

Today, he is known as Patrick Shin, but he was given the name Nan Chul Shin when he lived in South Korea with his family. Moving to the United States was his dream and when he managed to do so, he decided to change his name to fit into the new country and culture. Patrick Shin was lucky enough to have gotten a scholarship to Bowling Green State University and after doing his majors in business administration, he moved to Hawaii. For two years, he worked for a construction company as a laborer.

After understanding the ins and outs of construction, he founded Nan Inc. in 1990, which means that the company only has thirty years under its belt to have achieved such high levels of success. He began the firm with a single employee, but now their workforce comprises of 500 people. His first job was installing a road sign, but he didn’t become demotivated and kept at it. Today, his company handles some of the biggest projects in Hawaii and he is able to make the contributions he always dreamt of. They have played a major role in the hospitality industry of the state.

As far as Nan Chul Shin himself is concerned, he didn’t let the success go to his head and remains the same humble and hardworking man as before. He has remained grounded and has given back to the community over the years. He is known in Hawaii for his generosity and has given financial assistance to a number of charitable organizations. He has also set up a number of programs and supports a variety of causes that can help the society. He remains a simple man and continues to follow the same principles that helped him get where he is today.

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