Are Ceramic Tile and Stone Good for Bathrooms?

Are Ceramic Tile and Stone Good for Bathrooms?


Ceramic tiles and stones are incredible bathroom flooring options. Due to the varying manufacturing processes, they have a wide range of prices and thicknesses. This post will teach the main advantages of ceramic tiles and why they make ideal options for your shower room. 

1. Durability

Ceramic tiles are among the toughest you can get on the market. They are exceedingly difficult to crack, so they can survive for a very long time before needing replacement. They are, therefore, economical and a wise choice for all homeowners.

One of their main advantages is that ceramic tiles don’t distort like wood floors when wet. As Metro Tile experts will tell you that ceramic tiles have an estimated 20-year lifespan if maintained adequately. So you can be confident you’re investing in a long-term investment. 

2. Moisture resistant 

Ceramic is a fantastic bathroom tile choice because it is moisture resistant and excellent for regions subject to humidity and water. Most ceramic stones and tiles are glazed, which gives them a barrier that prevents moisture buildup. 

3. Finishes and texture 

You have an almost infinite number of options regarding texture and finishes. They are available in various natural stone types, including sandstone, tiles, and slate. You can choose glossy finishes for areas that are likely to become wet or high-traffic areas. Ceramic tiles are good examples of polished finishes that are safe for your bathroom.

4. Slip resistance 

The fear of slipping is why most people prefer not to install tiles in their bathrooms. However, ceramic tiles are fantastic because they are non-slip. Glazed tiles with an anti-slip component designed specifically for wet regions will minimize skips and falls and enhance safety in your bath space. You only need to keep them up properly to avoid toxic accumulation that could make them smooth. 

5. Most affordable tile option

Ceramic tiles are cost-effective options for anyone on a budget. They are ideal middle-of-the-road pricing for bathroom flooring. Ceramic tiling is the least expensive type of tile, costing more than parquet and some wood boards. Ceramics is tough, long-lasting, and sometimes even attractive, so there is no compromise here. This renders it the most sensible option for any bathroom renovation in terms of cost and functionality. 

6. Fire and scratch resistant 

Ceramic tiles are fireproof since they don’t burn or emit hazardous fumes. It’s pretty challenging to melt or scrape the glaze off ceramic tiles. This increases their longevity and toughness. 

Ceramic is such a rigid material, and the tiles are scratch-resistant. This makes them a fantastic option for bathrooms in both residential and commercial properties. It’s also worth noting that ceramic tiles resist abrasion and tolerate heavy usage.

Winding up

 There are different tile options available, but ceramic tiles stand out. They offer many benefits and make excellent and cost-effective choices for any home. They come in a wide range of textures, and your choices are endless. However, it’s advisable to engage experienced tile installers to ensure quality work and get the most out of your flooring.

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