Silicone Caulk or Sentura Which one to Use and Why

Silicone Caulk or Sentura Which one to Use and Why


We all desire a clean and dry shower at home and to get that, we resort to different methods of shower sealing to prevent mold or stains. Regardless of how hard you try, showers are most susceptible to staining and mold formation. It keeps getting stained and covered with mold regardless of the number of hours you spend scrubbing and scouring it. As showers are always damp, it is hard to prevent mold and mildew formation. People get caulking done to seal the shower corners but this too fails in some time when the caulk starts to peel off. People then get re-caulking done with silicon or acrylic caulks, which they know is only a temporary fix. They get into a constant loop this way. In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of a silicon caulk and another revolutionary product Sentura.

Silicone Caulk

A silicone caulk, as the name suggests is made of silicone. It can be applied easily and is available only in white shade. It seals your shower corners for a few months, giving you relief from leakage or water stagnation.


  • Practical solution for caulking.
  • Easy to apply and also quite cheap.
  • It is a rubberized caulk that is more powerful and long-lasting than acrylic caulk.


  • Although it is longer lasting than Acrylic caulk, it does not give a permanent fix to sealing shower corners.
  • It is only available in white color.
  • It tends to peel off or crack in a few months.
  • It gives a bulky look.


Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formed on a 1200psi adhesion.  It is used to repair cracks in tile and grout and it also never pops from the surface. It does not crack or peel off like other caulks and gives permanent results. 


  • Permanent Solution for sealing shower corners
  • Does not appear bulky like silicone caulk
  • Can be pigmented with a colored grout sealer in more than 40 shades. This feature enables you to get grout sealing in a color of your choice.
  • It is a solvent-based flexible epoxy/resin that never pops from the surface.
  • Never peels off or cracks in any weather conditions.


  • None


The best way to fill gaps, missing grout and cracks in tile or grout is by using Sentura. It is the best product for cracked grout or tile repair. It gives a seamless result without appearing bulky. It is also the best caulk substitute as it is long-lasting. 

So now that it is decided that you should use Sentura as a caulk substitute, we will not understand why we should use it in the first place.

Why to Use a Caulk Substitute?

Caulk or a caulk substitute is used to seal shower corners which tend to provide passage of water through the porous grout. Shower sealing is done using Sentura that blocks the entry of water and thereby seals the shower area. It forms a waterproof layer on the grout on the corners of your shower and discourages the water from entering the porous grout. If you let water remain in a shower, it will lead to mold and mildew breeding.

It is also recommended to seal the shower grout with a good colored grout sealer. You can try Caponi from pFOkUS as it is one of the best colored grout sealers available on the market today. It can be sealed with Sentura to get a desired grout color. You can repair the grout and then seal it with Caponi for long-lasting results. A thoroughly cleaned and sealed shower results in a healthy and hygienic area that is free from mold, mildew and stains. 

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