Hydronic Floor Heating Has Various Applications and Uses


Keeping home warm and comfortable is of top priority for anyone’s list. Since there are many home heating solutions available today, one may get confused as to which one is the best. Of the many heating systems found in market today, one of the most popular heating systems is the hydronic floor heating.

The basic features and facts of hydronic floor heating

It is called hydronic as it works on warm water. It is not only energy efficient but it is also sustainable and can work as an efficient home heating solution. It is called floor heating as it is laid under the floors.  It can work under different flooring surfaces, from wood, slate, to marble and stone. The heat can be controlled from a seven-day thermostat which has a timer, and this is what allows the users to control settings as per the day of the week. So, if you are out on a weekend and you want minimal heating for your home, then this can also be done. Thus, you save considerable energy and your bill amount as well.

The working of hydronic floor heating is simple. Water is heated and the hot water is passed throughpolyethylene pipes in the form of an intricate network. The pipes are laid under the floor. These pipes are oxygen resistant. Because of the circulation of the hot or warm water depending upon the heating, heat is let out and this evenly spreads in the space heating the room as per your requirements.

The benefits of having hydronic floor heating

  • Diverse applications: The fact that this floor heating works for large commercial spaces as the confines of a residential house, lends it varied applications. The other advantage is hydronic floor heating works in almost all types of flooring. It can also be installed under timber floors and carpets. It is just that for carpeted and timber flooring, there are certain limits regarding standards and temperature. If a boiler is being used for drawing energy, then the area for the system has to be in the range of 60 square meters to 90 square meters.
  • The installation process: The installation process of a hydronic floor heating system is very important because the pipes are fixed under the flooring. Hence this heating system is best for under construction projects. Since quality installation is a must, it is best to seek the services of an experienced and licensed heating professional to do the job.
  • Maintenance issues: Hydronic floor heating systems popular and are found to be long lasting and stand the test of quality as compared to other heating systems. Just invest in good pipes because if you use quality pipes, you can ensure your system to stand the test of time. The boilers need to be serviced regularly but they may need replacement after 10 or 15 years. Otherwise the system is found to work for at least 40 years or more.
  • Easy on the pocket: Though the initial cost of setting a hydronic floor heating system can be a little expensive because of the kind of sophistication and the detailing required to set up the network in place, as well as experienced labor, in the long run, it can prove to be economical because not much money is required to keep running it.
  • Get a quality thermostat and relax in peace: The only thing you need to do is invest in a good quality thermostat, for the heating system will do the rest. It allows you to specify your heating requirements, which may differ in weekdays and weekends. Both manual and programmable thermostats are available. Even an integrated thermostat is available that is a mix of the two.

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